What’s the score?

August 30, 2010 11:49 am | No Comments

Team Mutual is committed to helping you take a positive step forward in the financial world.  It takes preparation for this transition and knowing where to find helpful information is important. That’s why Mutual Savings Credit Union is providing the following helpful links.

Opening a checking account, applying for loans, knowing your credit score and starting a savings plan – all of these should be on your “must do” list.  With Team Mutual’s assistance, you can make managing your finances a breeze!

BALANCE Financial Fitness

Brush up on your financial knowledge with BALANCE Financial Fitness! Got a question about auto loans, checking accounts or another financial topic? Try one of the BalanceTrack educational modules to read up on your topic of interest and take a quiz to test your new knowledge.  And if you don’t have time to read, BalanceTrack also offers free podcasts for each online course.

What’s My Score?

Wanting to get that first credit card established in your own name? Need to establish a cell phone account independently? All of these items and more require a positive credit score. What is a positive credit score? Find out at www.whatsmyscore.org.


The company motto for BRASS Media says it all: Young today, Rich tomorrow.  Through the use of videos and online articles, BRASS provides easy-to-understand material about all things financial.  BRASS puts a fun twist on topics such as taxes, interest rates, insurance and other topics that …well, require a lot of focus.  Stop by your nearest MSCU branch to pick up a copy of BRASS magazine too!

Jim Cramer – Mad Money

He’s loud, he talks fast and he always has an opinion.  Read the daily column and catch a video from CNBC’s Jim Cramer to get your daily serving of market talk.

Practical Money Skills

From financial calculators to games to tips and trends, this site has it all!  Practical Money Skills is filled with unique articles that help you consider amounts to spend on your wedding, affordable fitness programs and other topics that you never really stop to ponder.