Video: Check Scams

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Check scams come in all forms and can happen anywhere – even in Chilton County, Alabama. The following video was filmed in a part of Mutual Savings Credit Union’s service area and does a great job of showing what a check scam looks like as it unfolds. Here’s a good tip to always keep in mind: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  Visit to see more videos of check scams in action.

15 Items to Request in a Care Package

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As a resident assistant for two years, I’ve dealt firsthand with the heartache some freshmen experience upon arrival at college. The easiest way I know of to dull the pain: a care package. Some parents may need a few hints, though. Here’s a simple list of items you can send to your family members to help them assemble the ideal care package.


10 Questions to Ask on a Campus Tour

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When I was working as a college prep coach for a group of high school juniors, I had the opportunity to take my students to tour several different college campuses. They were normally an inquisitive group, so I had high hopes about the great questions they would ask on our campus tours. However, when our first tour guide asked if we had any questions, they all suddenly went mute. At first I was surprised, but then I remembered that when I was in high school touring college campuses, I didn’t ask a thing either. If only I’d had that recollection earlier. It’s a shame that students don’t ask more questions on admissions tours, because these trips around campus are usually led by current undergraduates at the college, meaning that it’s an opportunity for students to get the kind of firsthand insight about campus life that they’re not going to be able to get anywhere else — and I’m not just talking about finding the coolest hangouts or learning how to get away with skipping class (though those can be valuable, too). To help out future incoming classes, I’ve compiled a list of 10 key questions that you should ask a guide on an admissions tour.

  1. What’s your favorite class you’ve taken in college and why?
  2. What’s the most challenging class or professor you’ve had? Do you feel like taking this class was worth it?
  3. What do you know now that you wish you’d known as an incoming freshman?
  4. What are some of the most popular things to do on the weekends? Do most students stay on campus or go home?
  5. Does the college have any student traditions that are actually followed?
  6. Do most students live on-campus? If not, where do most people live?
  7. How’s the food in the dining halls and is a meal card really worth it?
  8. How much time do you and your friends typically spend on homework during a normal week?
  9. What is the one thing you really wish you could change about the school or your experience?
  10. What was the most challenging thing about adjusting from high school to college?

BOTTOM LINE This is obviously not an exhaustive list — there are plenty of other things you could ask your tour guide about academics, campus activities, or any other aspect of student life — so if you think of other questions while on your admissions tour, don’t hesitate to ask. Most tour guides got their job because they are good communicators and are knowledgeable about their school, so they would be glad to elaborate on anything you want to know.   Photo by Joey Gannon via cc

How Money Gets into your Pocket

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The Team Mutual blog is all about helping you get a better understanding of how your finances work – from budgeting to saving and everything in between. Many different tools are utilized by Team Mutual to accomplish this mission.

What better way to learn about how money works than to learn how it actually gets into your pocket. The following infographic details the path of new bills with easy-to-understand visuals.

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The 2013 Team Mutual season came to an exciting conclusion on October 11th, as Oak Mountain High School student Layne Phillips successfully kicked a field goal to win this year’s college scholarship contest. All members of Team Mutual are extremely proud of Layne and wish him the best of luck for his remaining time in high school, at college and beyond.

Layne’s kick took place between the first and second quarter of OMHS’s game against Spain Park High School. His first of three attempts didn’t go as planned but Layne sized up his second kick and drilled the football through the uprights. Here’s a video of Layne’s big kick:

Eagle players, students and fans cheered loudly for Layne after he connected on his second kick. Layne’s family and members of Team Mutual posed for pictures after the kick. You can learn more about Layne from this previous post and see more photos by visiting the Mutual Savings Credit Union Facebook page.

Layne Phillips poses with his scholarship check after his winning kick.

Layne Phillips poses with his scholarship check after his winning kick.

Congratulations again Layne! It was a pleasure working with you and everyone at Mutual Savings Credit Union is extremely proud of your accomplishment!

Meet the winner: Layne Phillips

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Team Mutual is proud to announce the name of the lucky Oak Mountain High School student that has been selected to participate in the 2013 Team Mutual Kick for College contest. Layne Phillips will have three chances to kick a successful field goal during OMHS’s game on October 11th and win scholarship money from Mutual Savings Credit Union.

Team Mutual would like to thank all of the Oak Mountain students and parents that registered for this year’s contest. Layne was selected from the most number of entries that Team Mutual has received since we began this program in 2010.

Layne is a junior at Oak Mountain. He attributes his success in the classroom to his interest in his favorite subjects.

“I enjoy English and my Forensic Science classes,” Layne said in a recent interview with Team Mutual. “Forensic Science is one of my favorite classes because it requires me to take a ‘hands on’ approach to learning more about the topic.”

When he lines up for his field goal attempts, it won’t be the first time Eagle fans have seen Layne on the field. You might recognize him from his involvement with the OMHS Student Athletic Trainer program.

“I’ve been working with the program since my freshman year,” Layne said. “It requires me to be at almost all of Oak Mountain’s home and away games for every team. I hope to make Athletic Training my major at the University of Alabama after high school.”

Tuscaloosa will be familiar territory for Layne when it’s time to go off to college because attending Crimson Tide football games is one of his favorite hobbies.

Team Mutual wishes Layne the best of luck in his attempt to win a $1000 scholarship from Mutual Savings Credit Union. All Oak Mountain students, parents and teachers are encouraged to come to the Eagles’ game against Spain Park this Friday night and support Layne.  The kick will occur between the first and second quarters.

GOOD LUCK LAYNE! Watch the video below to learn a little more about Layne:


2013 Team Mutual Kick for College Scholarship Contest

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The 2013 Oak Mountain High School football season is here and Team Mutual is back again to help one lucky OMHS student offset college expenses with the Team Mutual Kick for College Scholarship Contest!

Since 2010, Team Mutual has given an OMHS student an opportunity to successfully kick a field goal during the Eagles’ homecoming game at Heardmont Park. If your kick sails through the uprights like Bryan Richer’s kick did in 2012, you’ll win college scholarship money from Team Mutual! All Oak Mountain High School students (boys and girls) that are 14 and older are eligible to enter the drawing that will determine the student that will have the chance to kick.

To enter the drawing, complete this form and bring it to the Team Mutual tent at Heardmont Park at home games this fall or email the completed form to Parents and students that bring their form to the Team Mutual tent will receive a special prize package compliments of Mutual Savings Credit Union. Please click here for official rules and regulations.

Best of luck to the Eagles this season! We’ll see you at the Team Mutual tent!


Bryan Risher wins the $2000 Team Mutual Scholarship!

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On Friday, October 19th, Oak Mountain High School student Bryan Risher won $2,000 from Team Mutual, the financial education program for students from Mutual Savings Credit Union. Bryan, along with other Oak Mountain students, registered for a field goal kicking contest at the Team Mutual tent during Oak Mountain football games at Heardmont Park all season. Bryan’s name was drawn from hundreds of entries and he spent the days leading up to his big kick practicing for the moment with his father and brother.

Mutual Savings Credit Union helps students and parents add to their financial education through the Team Mutual brand and activities.

Bryan plays tenor sax in the Oak Mountain High School band and will be able to use the $2,000 towards expenses associated with college

“The goal of Team Mutual is to help students become aware of their financial responsibilities in college and beyond,” said Kendall Speed, Mutual Savings Credit Union’s Executive Vice President. “We’re proud of Bryan for not only winning the scholarship money but also taking the initiative to address his college expenses early.”

Bryan was given three chances to successfully kick a field goal from the 5-yard line between the first and second quarters of the Eagles’ game against the visitors from Prattville High School. OMHS students, parents, fans and band members showed their support for Bryan during his field goal attempts. Their support grew even louder as Bryan lined up his third and final attempt, which went sailing through the uprights.

“I wasn’t sure if I could do it,” Bryan said moments after making the kick. “But I’m glad I did – this feels great!”

Here’s a video of Bryan’s winning kick. You can also see more photos at Mutual Savings Credit Union’s Facebook page.

Bryan Risher poses with a check for $2,000 from Mutual Savings Credit Union moments after his winning kick.


Oak Mountain High School freshman Bryan Risher has been selected to participate in the Mutual Savings Credit Union ‘Kick to Win’ scholarship contest this Friday night. The 14-year-old student’s name was drawn from hundreds of entries collected at Oak Mountain home games during this football season.

The Team Mutual scholarship, part of Mutual Savings Credit Union’s initiative to help students get a jump-start on their financial education, has been made available to Oak Mountain High School students since 2010. Bryan is the first underclassman to win a chance to participate in the kicking contest. The news about this opportunity came as a complete surprise to Bryan.

“When my mom told me that my name had been picked, I wasn’t sure if it was really true,” Bryan said. “I don’t usually win drawings or contests like this.”

Bryan plays tenor sax for the Oak Mountain High School band, an instrument he’s played since the sixth grade. Even though he’s never attempted to kick a field goal, Bryan has been putting in valuable practice time at home.

“As soon as we got the news, my dad and I went to the store to buy a football and practice tee,” Bryan said. “I’ll be as prepared as I can be.”

Bryan will have three chances to successfully kick a field goal from the 10-yard line between the first and second quarters at Heardmont Park this Friday night. If any of his attempts are successful, Bryan will be presented with a $2,000.00 check from Mutual Savings Credit Union.

Bryan said that the idea of winning the Team Mutual scholarship has given him reason to practice more than just his kicking.

“I definitely need to work on my celebration dance,” he joked.

Mutual Savings Credit Union invites all Oak Mountain High School students, parents, teachers and fans to come to Heardmont Park to cheer on the Eagles and Bryan. Kickoff for Friday’s game is scheduled for 7:00 pm.

Oak Mountain High School freshman Bryan Risher is excited about his chances for the ‘Kick to Win’ contest.

A tough loss to Pelham High School won’t be enough to cool off the hot start to the 2012-2013 football season for the Oak Mountain High School Eagles. With wins over Shades Valley, Wetumpka and Stanhope Elmore, the Eagles are off to one of their best starts in years. Oak Mountain looks to start another winning streak when they visit Pell City High School on Friday night.

Team Mutual will be cheering hard for the Eagles while they’re on the road this week and we’ll be looking forward to the next home game on October 5th. Be sure to be at Heardmont Park for that game and stop by the Team Mutual tent. It will be the last opportunity for Oak Mountain High School students to register for this year’s ‘Kick to Win’ contest.

Good luck against Pell City and we’ll see you on October 5th!!